Chevron Gas Why the difference? Chevron gas is different than its competitors because of the additive Techron. This additive prevents build-up of harmful deposits in the combustion chamber. This allows your car to run smoother and create less emissions. By keeping the vital engine parts in your car clean, you will have a car that runs cleaner and smoother.
Deisel Fuel at the pump • Refill propane tanks

Car Wash

Our car wash is state of the art technology and offers one of the highest levels of cleaning for a commercial car wash.
There are two options, touch free and foam bright. The foam bright option uses the circular motion of the soft foam washers to gently remove dirt from your car. This option has tough cleaning power and can make your car look clean and shiny again.
The touch free option means nothing but water, soap and wax touch your car. This is a great option for cars with added roof racks or bike racks or other after factory add-ons that could get tangled up in the traditional foam washers. The high pressured water and soap remove dirt and grime and leave your car sparkling.

We are green! AJ’s carwash recycles 80% of the water used which keeps the harmful soaps out of the storm drains and away from the Monterey Bay!

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