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AJ’s butcher shop has the freshest meats ranging from beef cuts to whole chickens and lamb cuts. We carry a variety of Choice Grade Beef and also carry Grass Fed Beef.

Many of our selections are even pre-seasoned to make your meal easier and more convenient.

We have several cuts of lamb that are also halal.

Our chicken is hormone free and halal.

We have whole chickens, basil lemon seasoned 1/2 chickens and seasoned peppered chicken quarters.

Our fish is from Stagnaro’s and is delivered fresh.

We carry many different rubs, sauces and seasonings to take the guess work out of your cooking.

What is Halal?

Halal in terms of meat means it has been slaughtered.

This is the method used in Islam and is essentially the same as Kosher for the Jewish religion.

The advantage is that the animal has not been subjected to being stunned first, then bled out later.

Some consider it a way to keep the meat cleaner as the blood is drained out immediately.

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